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Ridgefield CT is the perfect mix of a classic New England town with the sophisticated cultural offerings of a big city. With a walk down Main Street, you will discover how the elegance of our Colonial history harmoniously blends with the richness of our cultural institutions. Ridgefield’s spectacular scenery, with abundant rolling hills, quiet ponds, and wooded forests, lends a bucolic, laid-back vibe. Our community of over 25,000 residents enjoy a plentiful cultural life, stellar school system, vibrant lifestyle, and caring community – which make Ridgefield an incredible place to live.    WATCH THE VIDEO


In beautiful Fairfield County - close to it all!

Located in the foothills of the Berkshire Mountains, Ridgefield is on the western edge of Fairfield County, CT. Our town neighbors Westchester County and is just a short ride from White Plains and corporate headquarters in Westchester County, as well as Connecticut. Ridgefield commuters enjoy a convenient commute to New York City, with close Metro North stations right in town in Branchville and right over the border in Katonah, NY. About commuting to NYC

Ridgefield gets its name from its rather hilly terrain which covers over 35 square miles and includes several sizable lakes and over 5, 000 acres of preserved open space. This magnificent scenery is match by the beautiful Colonial and Greek Revival style homes and buildings that line Main Street and the surrounding countryside.

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A rich and colorful history

Ridgefield CT is steeped in history and lovely preserved architecture of several eras. In 1709, the town was officially incorporated and enveloped the villages of Branchville, Titicus, and Ridgebury. Ridgefield was a relatively quiet agricultural community up until the Revolutionary War when the town became the site of the only land battle to take place on Connecticut soil during the conflict.

The centuries following the Revolutionary War saw Ridgefield turn from a small farm town to an industrial hub. As the town grew, many wealthy New Yorkers were flocking into town to establish large country estates and summer homes. They came to take advantage of the town’s natural beauty and lofty vistas, which also soon came to attract artists of all types. Since the 1890s, Ridgefield has been home to a thriving arts community that has featured award-winning painters, sculptors, actors, writers, and musicians from around the world. Today, Ridgefield still boasts a lively and highly acclaimed arts scene.

To learn more about history of Ridgefield, visit History & Architecture.

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A warm and supportive community.

With a population around 25,000, Ridgefield CT is a very caring and welcoming community. Our town has an active volunteer base that is always ready and willing to lend a hand. In fact, Ridgefielders love to come together in support of the many local nonprofits. 

Ridgefield is home to a thriving business atmosphere. Small and family owned stores are the backbone of the town’s economy while specialty shops continue to prosper in town. Also, Ridgefield’s restaurant scene is one of the best in Connecticut and features chefs and cuisines from around the world.

To see what is currently happening in Ridgefield, check out the Featured Events calendar. 

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An ideal lifestyle for families

Its location among the open spaces and rolling hills of Fairfield County make Ridgefield CT a very quiet and tranquil town. Ridgefield has been repeatedly voted one of the “Safest Towns in America,” and “#1 Town in Connecticut”, some of the many reasons why Ridgefield has become such an attractive location for young families. With its many cultural offerings, excellent school system, and welcoming community, Ridgefield is an ideal home for families. The town’s convenience, accessibility, and rich cultural life also make our town an ideal location for empty nesters. Ridgefield’s senior center, Founders Hall, offers some of the best educational and recreational activities for older adults in the area.

Ridgefield CT is very welcoming to all and diversity is embraced here. With a large expat community drawn by the wonderful lifestyle and nearby global corporations, our town enjoys a sophisticated international vibe. And very active, diverse houses of worship are located within town.

Ridgefield Symphony Orchestra
Michael Chekhov Theatre Festival


Big-city culture in a quaint town setting

According to The New York Times, Ridgefield CT is “replete with sophisticated arts and cultural offerings.”  Our town is the only one of its size in the nation to boast a professional symphony orchestra as well as a theater company that features Broadway professionals in top rate productions. The Ridgefield Guild of Artists hosts a variety of programs and exhibits at its galleries while the nationally recognized Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art displays shows by the world’s most innovative artists. Our well-known Ridgefield Playhouse is a bustling venue that hosts over a hundred shows every year. Nationally recognized musical and comedy acts as well as local productions can be seen performing in its state-of-the–art theater. And, during the summer, Ridgefielders love to gather in Ballard Park to enjoy free concerts presented by CHIRP.

To see all of the cultural offerings in Ridgefield, explore our Arts & Culture page. 

Ridgefield Academy
The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum


The best schools - both public and private

Ridgefield has one of the best school systems in Connecticut. In town, there are three prestigious private schools that offer students unique learning experiences with a traditional and civic-minded curricula. Ridgefield’s public school system is highly rated and is committed to providing its students with an excellent education that will prepare them for future success in any field.

Students from both the private and the public schools are welcome to take part in the numerous cultural offerings and events in Ridgefield. The workshops and classes offered by The Aldrich and The Ridgefield Guild of Artists are popular among young children while the music programs offered by Ridgefield High School attract the interests of many teens. Several theater workshops and programs are offered by ACT of CT and the Ridgefield Theater Barn, as well as dance and music programs around town add to the cultural enrichment of our students.

View the full listing of schools in Ridgefield.

Woodcock Nature Center
Ridgefield Bicycle Sport Club


Sports, clubs, and outdoor adventures

Ridgefielders are very active and love to be outdoors. Our town’s beautiful natural surroundings are quite inviting and residents love to explore the forested hillsides on our hiking trails. To break a sweat and get their hearts pumping, Ridgefielders like to run and bike. In fact, there is a bike club and a running club in town that are open to all age levels and abilities. Both clubs have a large following and host events that help members practice their sport and stay healthy.

The town parks maintained by Ridgefield’s Park & Recreation offer residents abundant recreational opportunities. Ridgefielders enjoy concerts, picnics, and recreation at Ballard Park, 5 acres of stately trees and formal gardens at the center of town. And pristine Martin Park Beach is a favorite for swimming and boating. Ridgefield’s state of the art Recreation Center has a gym, pool, fitness center, and a plethora of classes that are open to residents of all ages.

Explore more Sports & Recreation in Ridgefield. 

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Neumann Real Estate


Beautiful homes for every lifestyle

Ridgefield CT boasts many beautiful and peaceful neighborhoods in both town and country settings that are perfect for raising a family. The town has a unique mix of Colonial, Capes, antique mansions, converted barns, and a few stunning contemporaries as well. Our Main Street is lined with Georgian Revival and Queen Anne styled homes. Out in the countryside, equestrian farms and lovely estates abound.

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Woodcock Nature Center


Dedicated to protecting our natural surroundings

Our town has been committed to preserving its natural surroundings for generations. The Ridgefield Conservation Commission was established in 1962 to protect and maintain the over 5,000 acres of open space that is within the town’s boundaries. Meanwhile, Ridgefield’s Action Committee for the Environment (RACE) is composed of volunteers who advocate for environmental awareness and want to help the community to live sustainably and be good stewards of the environment. Also, there are several local organizations in town, such as the Woodcock Nature Center and the Weir Farm National Historic Site that educate on environmental issues and promote environmental awareness through first-hand experiences.

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A community that truly cares

One of the greatest parts of Ridgefield CT is the philanthropic spirit that drives the community. The town is home to several nonprofit organizations that work to not only support and bring awareness to some amazing causes, but also to better Ridgefield and the surrounding communities. Ridgefielders are always willing to devote time  to support these nonprofits with fundraising, volunteerism, and special events.