5 Things Your Dog will Love in Ridgefield

Enjoy a drink with your pup at one of Ridgefield's many great restaurants

What do our dogs love about Ridgefield? The same things we do! Ridgefield is a dog-friendly town and our residents take dog fun seriously.

1. Bark Park

Let your best friend get some fresh air and play some fetch out in the sunshine. Ridgefield’s Bark Park is a popular site to spend an afternoon outdoors with your dog as the park has built in toys, benches, water fountains, and separate areas for small dogs and large dogs. 

2. Outdoor Cafes

The restaurants in Ridgefield love to serve both human and canine. If you and your dog are looking for a tasty treat, stop by The Lantern on Main Street for a delicious lunch on their patio or Bernard’s for some delicious French fare. Don’t forget to also say hello to Chez Lenard (aka the hot dog man) on Main Street who loves when his famous hot dogs make their way to the dog level. Explore Ridgefield’s restaurants

3. Walking on Main Street

If you plan on spending the day on our Main Street, bring the dog along! You two can admire our beautiful streetscapes while doing a little window shopping at our fantastic boutique stores. As you stroll, let your dog enjoy the treats placed outside the shop doors. Explore Ridgefield’s shops

4. Bennett’s Pond State Park

Switch up your usual walk routine and take your pup to Bennett’s Pond. Let your best friend roam (and sniff) around the beautiful woodlands and the serene pond. 

5. The Trails

Explore Ridgefield’s magnificent natural surroundings with your dog! Many of the hiking trails in town are dog-friendly and your best friend will definitely enjoy a walk through all of the greenery. Visit the trails

There's even a book!

Interested in more fun activities to do with your dog in Ridgefield? Check out the children’s book, The Dog Who Went to Main Street by Ridgefield resident, Jane Turner. 

Oh yes-and ROAR!

Ridgefield Operation for Animal Rescue (ROAR) was founded on the simple principle of providing animals in need with the same love, care and compassion we show our own family pets. Since they opened their doors in 2005, ROAR has placed almost 4,500 neglected and unwanted cats and dogs in caring homes throughout Ridgefield and our surrounding towns. 

Another reason why we love Ridgefield! We encourage you to get involved in ROAR. Learn more

“I love when my pet parents take me out and about in Ridgefield.”

Miss Lou