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Three of my children were married in thirteen months; I suddenly entered the world of “Mother of,” rehearsal dinners, bridal showers and the need for dresses! Dresses that fit just right for both me and the venue. And so I conceived Elegant Ridgefield, a store to cater to special occasion dressing: dresses, wraps, scarves, handbags, shoes, travel accessories. And large size men’s dress shoes (because men’s size 14 shoes are impossible to find).

Dresses in stock! Large, mirrored fitting rooms! Gowns and dresses that range in size from 2 petite to plus plus! We have curated a beautiful collection of styles and offer a friendly, welcoming staff! And, most important, we offer a no pressure shopping experience!

We aim for a classic, refined look in which our customers will feel comfortable and look Elegant!


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