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Films of Life


Years ago I looked at the camera roll in my phone and became completely overwhelmed. I realized that I could print all the photos in the world for my kids to look at, but there was nothing I could do with all those sweet 5-20 second video clips. I would likely never go back and watch 99% of them.

I saw a problem that could be fixed. People could actually watch their memories AND clean out their camera roll. In the end I realized I NEEDED this service, but it didn’t exist! So I created it.

It’s now been over two years of making films for clients of vacations, babies, birthdays, graduations, loved ones that have passed, and now WEDDINGS. It’s been two years of knowing that the gift I’m giving clients is the ability to SEE their lives so clearly. Knowing they’re about 3 taps away from watching their memories come to life again. I absolutely love giving them this gift.


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