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Dimitri's Diner

Short Summary
Family friendly restaurant, diner


Our full-service diner boasts one of the most expansive and interesting menus you’re likely to find anywhere in the Ridgefield area.

In addition to an assortment of familiar American breakfast, lunch and dinner selections, Dimitri’s menu contains a delightfully diverse assortment of Greek, Mexican, Middle Eastern, Spanish, Tex-Mex and Mediterranean food specialties.  If you’re someone who’s watching your waistline, our diner offers a fully stocked health menu to help you eat right.

Dimitri’s Diner gives you the comfort of enjoying your food at your convenience. You could either drop in to our diner to enjoy a meal, or takeaway your favorite food. But if you just don’t have the time or energy for a trip to the restaurant, you’re in luck.  We’ll DELIVER the food to you if you’re within a 5-mile radius that includes Wilton, CT, Redding, CT, and Danbury, CT, as well as South Salem, NY, North Salem, NY and Cross River, NY


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