Wayne’s World

Wayne’s family-owned business, Addessi Jewelers, has brought sparkle and joy to so many family celebrations for 70 years. He is also a philanthropist and driving force behind inRidgefield. We asked Wayne to share with us his Ridgefield favorites.

Italian restaurant:
TerraSole and Gallo’s and are both the closest to my homeland in terms of authenticity.  I love them both! Delizioso !

Afternoon pick me up:
Tazza for espresso and a little something sweet.  Deborah Ann’s if I’m bad!

Outdoor dining:
Southwest Cafe, Village Tavern

There are so many destinations for the Arts. This is my favorite sector of town, besides the restaurants.

Summer drink: A Spritz Veneziano, also called just Spritz or just Veneziano, is a wine-based cocktail commonly served as an aperitif with prosecco.

I think every one of them. We always try to support them all!

Gift shop:
Ours is pretty nice.

Dapper Den

Art gallery:
We need one where artists can display year round in the center of town perhaps. Naturally The Aldrich CAM.