National Register of Historic Places

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  • Address: Ridgefield CT, 06877


One of Ridgefield’s most charming qualities is its ability to blend historic architecture and landscapes with contemporary buildings. The town is home to several nationally recognized historic places that offer not only a snapshot of what life was like back in Ridgefield early days, but also show how Ridgefield has transformed overt time.

Thomas Hyatt House– An 18th-century Colonial style house that was built with a simple wooden structure.

Lewis June House– Lewis June was a prominent man in the circus business that construct this homestead in Ridgefield in 1865. It is one of only a few examples of French Second Empire style in town.

Benedict House and Shop– Two of the oldest surviving colonial buildings in Ridgefield that provide great insight into the life of an artisan back in the 1800s.

Frederic Remington House– A National Historic Landmark, the Remington House was the home to the renowned sculpture Frederic Remington. Remington and his wife built and designed the house in 1909.