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  • Address: Ridgefield CT, 06877


Ridgefield contains about 5,200 acres of open space that are just waiting to be admired and explored. The town has numerous hiking trails that all boast stunning views of the surrounding landscapes and waterways. Beautiful wooded hillsides, rocky ridges, farmlands, and wetlands can be found as you make your way through any of Ridgefield’s trails. The town is also home to some incredible flora and fauna, which fill the hiking trails with color and excitement in every season. If you are an experienced hiker or simply just want to explore the scenery of Ridgefield, you will find any of the town’s trails to be relaxing and enjoyable.

To help visitors and residents explore Ridgefield’s hiking trails, the Ridgefield Conservation Commission created the Ridgefield Walk Book and the open space catalog in 2016.