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In this time of social distancing, we can still “meet” new people and get to know others better!  With that idea in mind, we are beginning a series of emails to introduce you in various ways to RSO musicians. 

Meet Kathleen Theisen!

Kathleen is the RSO’s keyboard player (piano, celeste, organ & harpsicord) and has been playing with the RSO for eight years. View videos of her her work below:




Meet Jorge Avila!

Jorge has been the RSO concertmaster since 2009. A recipient of numerous awards and honors, Jorge received his resident status in the United States under the “Extraordinary Talent” category. He was also awarded first prize at the 2001 Mu Phi Epsilon International Music Competition. 



Meet Rachel Handman!

Rachel is the RSO’s assistant concertmaster and has played with the orchestra for 20 years.


Meet Sara Della Posta!

Sara is the RSO’s principal horn player and has played with the orchestra for almost 20 years. Sara is also a professional organist.

Question:  How long have you been playing the French horn?
Sara:  Since the fourth grade.  So many, many moons.
Question:  How did you select that instrument?
Sara:  My older brother played horn, so I have pictures of me playing with dolls with a horn case looming in the background.  I just remember loving the sound and the look of it. 
Question:  Do you have a favorite piece of music and/or a favorite composer? 
Sara:  Hard question!  To play?  Of course all the usuals –  Brahms, Beethoven, Mozart.  I love Stravinsky, Nielsen, Sibelius, Poulenc, Shostakovich . . . Mendelssohn! There is truly no end to that list. 
To listen? Vocal anything-from chant to Byrd to Pop. Love the 70’s and certainly anything with tambourine. And classical guitar! 
Question:  What do you like to do when you are not playing music?
Sara:  I love being a mom!  I also love to swim, dance, bake, color, watch movies, read.  I’m on a John le Carre jag lately. 
Question: Are there specific things you are doing during this time of social distancing to stay connected with music and other musicians? 
Sara:  I Zoom, chat, Facetime, and share inspired Youtube performances or video clips that make me laugh. So much creativity going on. I love that people are seeking joy in everyday things, no matter how small. 
Question:  What is your favorite food?  
Sara:  I’m an umami junkie. Also, anything that my husband just cooked! 
Question:  When quarantining and social distancing are over, where would your dream vacation be? 
Sara:  New Zealand.  Or maybe Istanbul!  Love to see the Hagia Sofia.


Meet Suzanne Corey-Sahlin and Gunnar Sahlin

Suzanne, the RSO’s principal violist, has been with the orchestra for over 30 years. She is the RSO’s longest tenured member! Gunnar, a cellist, began playing with the RSO in 2009. Gunnar and Suzanne are husband and wife and also partners in the string duo Duetto Viello. 



Meet Wendy Kerner

Wendy has played with the RSO since she was a student at The Juilliard School and Beatrice Brown (RSO Music Director from 1970-1995) asked her to play with the orchestra.



Meet Yuga Cohler, Music Director

Yuga was appointed RSO Music Director in January 2018. The upcoming 2020-21 season will be his third full season with the orchestra.


Meet Mialtin ZheZha

Violinist Mialtin ZheZha became the RSO’s principal second violin in August 2018 following auditions for that position.



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