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Connecticut Against Gun Violence


The mission of CT Against Gun Violence is as simple as it is bold: to end gun violence in Connecticut. Our mission is being achieved through three key strategies:

Draft, pass and protect common-sense gun laws

  • Keep firearms out of the hands of individuals prohibited from possessing them
  • Keep firearms away from those who are a danger to themselves or others
  • Limit the lethality of firearms
  • Limit the risk caused by weak federal and other states’ laws

Support non-legislative violence prevention programs

  • Secure funding for gun violence prevention programs
  • Educate citizens how to keep themselves and others safe from firearms
  • Promote gun violence prevention research to drive evidence-based policy

Ensure effective administration of CT gun laws

  • Identify and address deficiencies in current administration of laws
  • Promote adequate funding for training and enforcement
  • Achieve 100% reporting of prohibiting criteria to background check systems
  • Ensure accountability of federally licensed gun dealers


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